Addressing a need

The FM/a® Test, is the first objective test to diagnose fibromyalgia via a simple blood test, with results usually available in a week.

The FM/a® Test is a multi-biomarker-based test which concerns immune system white blood cell chemokine and cytokine patterns. These proteins demonstrate an irregular arrangement in fibromyalgia patients, which enable the FM/a® Test to correctly identify and diagnose this medical disorder.

The sensitivity for the FM/a® Test approaches 99%. Please check here to read our peer-reviewed medical articles to better familiarize yourself with the science that supports the FM/a® Test.

To get started with ordering the FM/a® Test, patients must get their medical practitioner’s authorization. To do this, please print out the following Authorization Form. The medical practitioner must complete it and fax it back to us at the number found on this form.

Patients must also provide us with some basic information, including their insurance plan information. This will allow us to check with their payer to see if they’ll pay for any or all of the test. To get started, patients must complete the simple online form.

If any provider or office wants to work with us please contact us via the “Contact” link in the menu.